How to Get There

Take the Panama – Colon toll road from Panama City and exit at “Sabanitas” (approximately 45 minutes).  Make a left at the sign “Colon Centro”

Once you get to the town of Sabanitas make a right turn at the Rey Supermarket.

From there follow the signs to Portobelo (approximately 30 minutes)

Continue your way to Juan Gallego (approximately 15 minutes) where Coconut Grove has its parking lot.

There you will be attended by personel of the hotel who will assist you with your luggage and call a boat for your transfer to the island and the hotel.


If you have a cellphone with the Google Maps application simply register your destiny as “Juan Gallego” and you will be guided to your destination.

Click on the following link  .


The cost of the boat transfer to the hotel is $5, per person, each way, for a minimum of two people.

This service is not included in the hotel fare.